Plasterer/ troweller

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P.J Pools and Spas Dandenong


  • Trowelling experience essential


  • Able to work in a team environment
  • Possess customer service skills
  • Handle the physical demands of the job
  • Valid driver's licence
  • Enjoy practical and outdoor work
  • Work longer hours during peak season (November to February)
  • Reading and writing skills


  • Communicate effectively with other workers, using signals, radios, or telephones, to start and stop flows of materials or substances
  • Read operating schedules/instructions or verbal orders to verify amounts to be pumped
  • Connect hoses/pipelines to pumps and vessels prior to material transfer, using hand tools
  • Mix mortar and plaster to desired consistency and operate plaster pumps
  • Clean, lubricate, and repair pumps and vessels, using hand tools and equipment
  • Tend vessels that store substances such as slurries, or powdered materials, checking levels of substances by using calibrated rods or by reading mercury gauges & tank charts
  • Evaluate the site conditions and set-up the truck appropriately
  • Use and care for tools/equipment, including the concrete pump and truck
  • Loads and unloads concrete pumps and attachments
  • Complies with safety regulations and precautionary measures while operating the concrete pump – protects self and others by following work safe procedures
  • Conducts routine maintenance and repairs to the machinery
  • Acid Wash pools
  • Repair pools' patch-ups, etc
  • Various other duties as directed (deliveries, material handling, etc.)

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